Computer and Network Security Consulting and Data Backup Services

Information Security

Consulting: firewall (hardware/software); virus, malware, spyware; intrusion detection

Information Security is more important now than it has been at any point in the past. There are reports of "More than 317 million new pieces of malware -- computer viruses or other malicious software -- were created last year -- during the year of 2014 [1]. By taking some precautions, you can significantly reduce the possibility of succumbing to a computer virus or malware attack. While there are many tools on the market to decide from. We can help find the right information security solution for your business’ continued success. With the use of tools such as F-Secure and a properly configured network firewall; along with maintaining good security practices, the likelihood of a damaging attack can be thwarted.


Provided Services

  • Evaluate infrastructure for security risks and provide recommended solutions.

  • Provide options for security tools and organizational security best practices.

  • Implement and manage security systems.

  • Perform workstation and server scans for malicious software.

  • Perform routine maintenance and monitoring.

Data Backup and Storage

Data redundancy is a critical feature of any network and a multi-layered system is the best practice for ensuring the security of your data. Server and client PC recovery using Image Backups dramatically reduces downtime in cases of hardware and software failure. File-Level backups protect your critical files from loss or corruption. Strategic Networks will help you evaluate your unique needs and implement a plan as individualized as you and your business. We will provide local and offsite data backups, along with persistent monitoring.