Video Surveillance


Strategic Networks provides solutions for the physical security of your home and business, as well. We will help you design closed circuit security camera infrastructure to deter theft and protect your property from damage or loss. The systems we install are sophisticated, secure, and conveniently automated, but also more adaptable, affordable and reliable than big-name alternatives.

The cameras record in full 1080p high definition, day or night, inside or outdoors. Also they can be easily configured over your existing network allowing easy and convenient access to live or archived footage. We build specialized storage systems to retain and display hundreds of hours of video and centrally manage your entire system. Best of all, Camera systems are networked independently from your main network, protecting you from unauthorized access from outside or within.


Time Tracking


Strategic Networks even provides employee timekeeping solutions for your business. With the time clocks we provide, you will see gainful improvements in timekeeping accuracy, employee accountability, streamlining of your payroll accounting process, savings of time, money, and hassle.


These time clocks are powerful and robust, but also easy to use for employees and management alike. Employees can clock in using an ID number, electronic swipe card, or their fingerprint. A built-in camera monitors punch activity and photographs suspicious punches. Employees can even punch in from remote locations online or with a smart phone. An easy-to-use, web-based administrative interface lets managers configure wage, overtime, and vacation settings, time rounding, supervisor and department assignment, and more. Multiple time clocks can be installed at one or many separate locations and networked together into a unified timekeeping system. Best of all, these features integration with QuickBooks, ADP, and Paychex accounting software to simplify your bookkeeping and payroll.

Strategic Networks will procure, install, and program your time clock system, as well as provide end-user training for day-to-day operation. Paired with a Managed Service Agreement, our technicians will provide continuous support and perform remote data backups so you and your employees always get paid on time.